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The Marathon Forest enriched by 37 new trees

Ahead of the 37th Belgrade Marathon, 37 new seedlings were planted today in the “Marathon Forest” in the Friendship Park at Ušće, donated by the Public Utility Company Zelenilo Belgrade. The project “Marathon Forest” was initiated three years ago with the aim of raising awareness among marathon participants and the wider public about the importance of environmental protection and improvement, while also aiming to enhance the microclimate in this part of the Friendship Park.

“Zelenilo Belgrade has been donating seedlings to us for the third year now, which we plant together here in Friendship Park, creating a green barrier between the areas where people engage in recreational activities and the boulevards where cars pass. The Marathon Forest, which now counts over 100 trees, is the result of a very successful long-term collaboration with the city of Belgrade, the patron of the Belgrade Marathon,” stated Darko Habuš, the director of the Belgrade Marathon, on this occasion.

“It is our great pleasure that for the third consecutive year, at the invitation of the Belgrade Marathon, we participate in the formation of the Marathon Forest. This now traditional planting holds special significance for us, as it highlights to all participants and enthusiasts of recreational running the importance of maintaining green spaces in our city and the significance of the work carried out by our company,” stated Dušan Tojagić, Acting General Director of the Public Utility Company “Zelenilo-Beograd”.

Mladen Đorić from the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia announced the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Belgrade Marathon and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia in early April this year: “The aim of this collaboration will be to raise awareness about environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as to encourage all companies to support a healthy lifestyle.”

Corporate social responsibility is part of the business policy of the Belgrade Marathon in the areas of community relations, environmental protection, and the implementation of humanitarian campaigns.