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The Belgrade Tourist Organization Officially Partners with the Belgrade Marathon

The leaders of the Belgrade Marathon and the Belgrade Tourist Organization have signed a protocol of cooperation aimed at better joint promotion.

Through the contract signed by Darko Habuš, director of the Belgrade Marathon, and Miodrag Popović, Acting Director of the Belgrade Tourist Organization, all future activities for presenting the Serbian capital as a sports-tourist destination have been defined, emphasizing the inevitable synergy between sports and urban tourism.

“This protocol brings primarily a beautiful tourist promotion of the city. I thank the Belgrade Tourist Organization for recognizing the Belgrade Marathon as a company that works on shared values. The Belgrade Marathon is the largest sports event in Serbia and gathers an increasing number of foreigners every year,” emphasized Darko Habuš.

“The head of the Belgrade Marathon emphasized that the promotion of the largest sports event in our country lasts throughout the year.”

“Our active promotion takes place not only within Serbia but also beyond our country’s borders. We spend most of the autumn attending expos preceding the world’s major running events, thus presenting Belgrade and the Belgrade Marathon as a desirable tourist destination,” says Darko Habuš.

Miodrag Popović spoke about the significance of the Belgrade Marathon for Serbia.

“It is a major sports event that you know takes place every year. It has had different phases in its development and has often been threatened by external circumstances, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has always remained significant, now even on a global scale.”

The collaboration between the Belgrade Marathon and the Belgrade Tourist Organization has been ongoing for a long period.

“We started working together ten years ago to mutual satisfaction. This running tourism is a major movement worldwide and presents a fantastic opportunity for promoting Belgrade, not only during the marathon but throughout the entire year. Now, we have formalized this mutual promotion. We are on the same task, and it’s been very successful. The Belgrade Marathon also plays a role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is equally important. I expect that due to this collaboration, we will see an increasing number of runners year after year,” stated Popović.

The Belgrade Marathon this year is scheduled for April 28th. For the 37th time, runners will cover a distance of 42.195 kilometers through the streets of the capital city. The number of participants in the main race will be limited to 12 thousand.