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Redesign of the organization and visual identity of the Belgrade Marathon

Today, a media conference was held in the Old Palace on the occasion of the presentation of the plans for the future of the Belgrade Marathon company, the “redesign” of the organization and the new visual identity, where the city secretary for sports and youth Nikola Penić, the director of the Belgrade Marathon Darko Habuš and the recognized artist Slavimir addressed the media. Stojanović – Fur.

In the opening part of the conference, the host of the meeting, City Secretary for Sports and Youth, Nikola Penić, addressed the media and said:At yesterday’s session of the City Assembly, the marathon was turned into a manifestation of exceptional importance for Belgrade. The marathon movement has grown tremendously in Belgrade. Record figures were set. I am not new to the organization of marathons, I come from athletics and I will personally do my best to ensure that this event receives a lot of support in the next four years. I would like to congratulate Darko Habush on everything he has done so far. The company does a lot when it comes to recreational and top sports“.

The director of the Belgrade Marathon, Darko Habuš, presented plans for the future, reorganization, goals and a new way of doing business for this company. On that occasion he stated:

“When I took over the Belgrade Marathon, the first thing I set as a goal was to restore institutional cooperation as a foundation, without which there is no big event, not even the Belgrade Marathon. Today we can boast that we have the holy trinity as partners – the Republic of Serbia – the Ministry of Youth and Sports with which we have signed a memorandum of understanding, the city of Belgrade which declared us an event of special importance for the city of Belgrade, and the Serbian Athletics Federation with which we are working on development medium and other tracks. Our races will also be national and Balkan championships, we will organize the Congress of European Athletics and many other joint projects. Also, the city of Belgrade highlighted its candidacy for Expo 2027, and we are proud because we will be just one of the pieces of the puzzle that will hopefully help our country to get the organization of the Expo. Now that we have a solid foundation of the house, we can develop in the long term and take big steps with the newly set strategy to become a leader among marathons in the region. Here, above all, I mean an increase in the number of participants, better quality additional content, a better entertainment program, broadcasts of races on television, and above all an increase in the satisfaction of participants through the care of competitors, better health and medical support and care, better conditions for the elite, but also for everyone else runners, better participant packs, better quality T-shirts and the like. In order to create a modern sports organization, and with the goal of self-sustaining business, we will focus on developing the commercial aspect of business. This aspect, on the one hand, implies the selection of long-term partners, a minimum of 3 to 5 years, who recognize our energy and want to grow together with us. Partners who will be our friends who fight not only for the size of the square at the gate, but for the best possible activation throughout the year, and to the satisfaction of all our participants.

On the other hand, we are working on a new website that will represent a digital transformation and that will facilitate applications, discounts for students, families and annual applications with participation in more of our races, etc. but also to be a database of information about the Belgrade Marathon in real time. We also plan to create a brand name for the Belgrade Marathon, which will soon be commercially available. The goal we set is to overtake the marathon in Ljubljana in two or three years, and to be among the top 5 marathons in Europe in terms of organization quality in 5 years. I know these are big promises, but by reorganizing the company and setting up a team of quality, young and energetic people, I am sure we can achieve it. Serbia and Belgrade deserve the Belgrade Marathon to be among the best in Europe, because we are a nation incredibly talented in sports, which can provide a lot in terms of quality organization, good atmosphere and good company, and at the same time represent the country of Serbia and the city of Belgrade in the best way” .

Renowned artist and the most awarded designer from this area, Slavimir Stojanović – Futro, was chosen as the brand guardian of the Belgrade Marathon. At the conference, he presented the idea behind the redesigned visual identity of the Belgrade Marathon.

“The visual identity is based on the essence of the marathon as the ultimate achievement of the human body and spirit that lives according to the maxim Always More, demanding more from itself, from others, from life,” Slavimir Stojanović – Futro said on that occasion.

At the conference, new visual solutions were presented for all 6 races organized by the Belgrade Marathon, which basically have the same circle symbol and the slogan “Always more”.