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Donation of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) devices to the Red Cross Belgrade

Today, a press conference was held regarding the donation of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) devices to the Red Cross Belgrade by the Foundation ‘Heroes of the Belgrade Marathon’ and Merkator S company. These devices will be installed in public areas in Belgrade and will be available for effective life-saving interventions for our fellow citizens.

The ‘Heroes of the Belgrade Marathon’ Foundation was established with the desire to redirect the immense positive energy from the running tracks and surrounding areas, emitted by the Belgrade Marathon, the largest international sports event in Serbia for years, towards higher goals and to assist those in most need. Together with Merkator S company and the IDEA brand, we understood the need of the Red Cross Belgrade to install defibrillators in public areas in Belgrade because we know how crucial speed is in saving the lives of people affected by heart attacks.

“Our mission and goal are for Belgrade to become the safest city by installing and implementing a large number of AED devices received through donations from responsible companies in prominent locations throughout Belgrade. This is to ensure that anyone who experiences sudden cardiac arrest in public places can be attended to through the application of AED devices.” It’s unacceptable for modern technologies to enter most spheres of our lives but to be absent where the decision between life and death is made,” added Nikola Prica, Secretary of the Red Cross Belgrade.

“We have been proud partners of the Belgrade Marathon for 11 years, and we will mark this jubilee with the campaign ‘All for One, One for All’.” However, if we had to describe in one word what drives all of us in the company when it comes to the Belgrade Marathon, as well as other projects, it would be HEART. Our 200 runners are the HEART of this project, running out of love. Our nearly 8,000 employees are the HEART alongside colleagues who run on that day. All employees involved in the organization of the Belgrade Marathon achieve all this because they have big HEARTS, stated Jelena Mitrović, Director of InStore Communications at Merkator-S company.

Thank you to Mercator-S company and the Red Cross for their trust. We are delighted that with such partners, we can expect a brighter future for generations to come. Always more!