Belgrade marathon
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The Tourist Organization of Serbia traditionally awards the “Tourist Flower” award for contribution to the development, improvement and promotion of tourism in Serbia. The prize was awarded today to the most successful in 2022. year, and the “Belgrade Marathon” is the winner of the “Tourist Flower” award in the “Tourist Manifestation” category.

“This is a great reward for the effort put in, but also a great incentive to continue to grow even stronger and to develop into the best marathon in the region.” Thank you to the Tourist Organization of Serbia for nominating us for the Tourist Flower and for recognizing the tourist potential of the most numerous sports event in Serbia – the Belgrade Marathon. The entire team of the Belgrade Marathon works hard and selflessly in order to raise the quality of races in our organization and to attract an even greater number of foreign participants in the coming years. Here, above all, I mean the improvement of all the conditions that await the runners, but also all the visitors who come to our beautiful city together with them. In addition to enjoying running, our idea is to provide all visitors to Belgrade with additional content for them and their families, so that they can have fun and enjoy everything that Belgrade has to offer. Here I mean the animation and inclusion of all institutions, museums and other manifestations that will take place during the Belgrade Marathon, which will be open and free for the participants of the marathon and their families that weekend. said Darko Habuš, director of the Belgrade Marathon, and added: “Also, I would like to point out that the tourist potential of the Belgrade Marathon has been recognized by the Republic of Serbia and the city of Belgrade, and we hereby thank them for the selfless help they provide so that we can grow and develop into the largest marathon in the region. We hope that our manifestation, as part of the puzzle, will contribute to the city of Belgrade becoming the host city of the international specialized exhibition Expo 2027. with the theme Game(s) for humanity – sport and music for everyone. The opportunity to participate in this candidacy as the biggest sports event in our country is a huge honor and responsibility for us. Thanks to all collaborators, partners and media, without you this award would not be possible.