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Belgrade Half Marathon – Seal on a Successful Season,
with a Record 4,000 Runners

The running season in Serbia this year will conclude on November 26 with the 4th Belgrade Half Marathon. In addition to the 21-kilometer race, starting at 10 a.m. near the Church of Saint Mark, there will also be a 10-kilometer race, as well as the Sava Insurance Family Race covering 2.3 kilometers, which will have a charitable character.

The route for the 4th Belgrade Half Marathon remains unchanged from last year. It will traverse the central streets of Belgrade, passing through the Church of Saint Mark, Dorćol, Kalemegdan, and Branko’s Bridge. The organizer of this racing event is the Belgrade Marathon. Darko Habuš, the director of the Belgrade Marathon, proudly announced at today’s press conference that the registration list for participants is already closed and that a record number of runners is expected.

“It is a great achievement that we have met the projection of increased participants. We are proud to have awakened new runners. We expect great fun but also a fast elite race because our celebrated athlete Elzan Babić has announced the breaking of the state record (62:11), which has stood for 25 years and was set by Janko Benša,” emphasized Habuš at the press conference, adding, “The 4th Belgrade Half Marathon, with a record 4,000 participants, will be the highlight of this year’s successful Belgrade Marathon season.”

The Serbian Athletic Federation is a reliable partner of the Belgrade Marathon. In a year of great achievements for Serbian athletics on the international scene, Mihail Dudaš, the sports director of the Serbian Athletic Federation, stated, “With the Belgrade Marathon, we have a serious partnership and shared goals: to get as many people involved in sports as possible and positively impact the nation’s health. I wish everyone good luck and ‘light legs’ on Sunday, November 26. I invite everyone to participate in the family race, which also has a humanitarian aspect, as I believe it is crucial for all of us to be responsible and help those in need.”

At the initiative of the “Heroes of the Belgrade Marathon” Foundation, the Sava Insurance Family Race will have a charitable aspect. Those who wish to contribute can help people with developmental disabilities and the humanitarian organization “Children’s Heart” by making a donation of at least 1,000 dinars to receive a T-shirt.

“We are pleased to participate in promoting family values and healthy habits. Our company cherishes the values of discipline and long-term commitment. It is especially satisfying that this race will now have a humanitarian aspect, allowing people with developmental disabilities to experience the joy of life, just like everyone else,” said Bojan Mijailović, the President of the Board of Directors of Sava Insurance.

The significance of this humanitarian action is best illustrated by the fact that around 730,000 people in Serbia have disabilities, constituting about 10% of the country’s total population. Statistical data show that only 13% of them are employed, and a large number live in poverty. Among the most vulnerable are people with developmental disabilities. Therefore, support for organizations like “Children’s Heart” is of immense importance for the inclusion of people with disabilities.

“I want to thank all of you for noticing us and wanting us to be part of this great event. For many years, the Belgrade Marathon has aimed to connect people from around the world and show how similar we all are, sharing the same interests, desires, and motivations. That’s exactly what the humanitarian organization ‘Children’s Heart’ has been doing for 23 years. We try to show that young people with developmental disabilities share the same interests, desires, and needs as everyone else; it just may take them a little more effort to achieve it,” said Katarina Rakić on behalf of the “Children’s Heart” humanitarian organization.

The donation box will be located in the “Galerija” shopping center and the reception center of the Belgrade Marathon on November 23, 24, and 25. Additionally, it will be placed in the pre-start zone of the Sava Insurance Family Race on the day of the race, November 26.