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Together we can always do more! Review of 3. Autumn Belgrade Half Marathon

We have 3. Autumn Belgrade half-marathon, the event with which we closed the racing season in a spectacular way, before the winter break that awaits us all. Thank you to all the runners who wrote the history of the Belgrade Half Marathon with us that day, and judging by the large number of participants, we expect many more editions of the race. Thanks also to all the elite runners who made history by breaking the course record. This only shows how important the segment of elite participants is to us and how much attention we pay to them.

We have tried our best to make sure that all our participants and partners can see the changes we are working on and have been implementing for the past few months, so that your experience will be even better and of higher quality, and so that your smile won’t leave your face while you look at the beautiful shots. of the final video 3. Autumn Belgrade Half Marathon. Many of you achieved the best result of the season, some of you broke personal records, but in addition to good results, your feat is even more significant considering your desire to go out on the streets of Belgrade despite the cold autumn day and participate in the spectacle that we built together and which we should be proud of!

In terms of organization, for us at the Belgrade Marathon, the Autumn Half Marathon was a prelude to all the novelties that we want to implement in full glory at the most massive running event with which we open the season, which is the 36th Belgrade Marathon, which we have scheduled for April 23, 2023. . We are opening registrations soon, and in accordance with our slogan “Always more!” we expect to be more and more numerous every year, to break records together, but also for the cheering of our Belgraders to be something that everyone will be talking about days after the marathon.

We have already tried to make the runners feel better conditions and that everything is subordinated to them. Better and better quality participant package, new website with all important information and very simple registration and payment online, payment cards. You could download the photos for free thanks to the service Get Pica, which has the world’s biggest marathons. We have provided you with an NFC tag to quickly leave comments, because we want to hear all your impressions so that we can be even better. Registration center in TC Galerija where there were no queues and crowds, a better and bigger stage, a VIP section for elite runners and partners, a large number of drummers, musicians and DJs for a good atmosphere on the track and a race dedicated to Dragoljub Đuričić who left his heart for runners of the Belgrade Marathon and to whom we owe it.

The segment on which we are yet to work is the safety of all our participants, which we have already implemented with a double row of fences in the start and finish zone, so that no one could get close to the runners and abuse that proximity. This is only part of what we will apply to the 36. Belgrade Marathon, because the safety of our participants is our first priority.

We want to thank our partners without whom it would not be possible to implement all the ideas and plans we have. Here, above all, we are thinking of the country of Serbia, the city of Belgrade and the Serbian Athletics Federation, without whose help we would not be able to grow and develop into the best marathon in the region. Thank you to the city of Belgrade for always being a good host and for closing the streets of our beautiful city for our participants that day. We know how big a job it is for all of you, and we are immensely grateful for that. You are our family. With the great help of the Sava Insurance company, for the first time we added a Family Run to the Fall Belgrade Half Marathon, which aims to teach our youngest generations true values from a young age. Our family are also our partners, without whom we would not be able to realize all our ideas and who share everything good and bad with us. For all of them, we organized a workshop in anticipation of the Autumn half-marathon, in order to get to know each other better and connect, exchange plans and ideas, as a new transparent and friendly approach that we want to have towards all of you. To build and nurture relationships, because only TOGETHER we can always do more!

Another novelty that we, as the organizers of the biggest sports event in our country that inspires thousands of people to run, will apply before each Belgrade Marathon is the education of the society about all aspects of healthy habits, the importance of physical activity for mental and physical health, but also the education of high school students. and students about all aspects of the organization of major sports events from the point of view of eminent interlocutors from the world of sports, sports medicine and large corporations. See you 3. At the autumn Belgrade half-marathon, the audience of the Sports Forum was made up of students of the Union Faculty of Sports and the College of Sports and Health and students of the Prestige Sports Gymnasium.

Thank you to the media for the professional reporting and great interest, we hope that you liked the change in the form of a press zone with all the necessary equipment for better quality and timely reporting.

For those of us who make up the Belgrade Marathon team, the preparation for the season’s racing event has already begun today, to raise the bar even higher! Enjoy the frames with 3. Autumn Belgrade Half Marathon, and we’ll see each other on the 23rd. April 2023 at the age of 36 Belgrade Marathon!